The Spice of Life

The Spice of Life

A modern, upmarket world of spices on your doorstep! Polofields Crossing welcomes Kismet Spices, a delicious new addition to our retail offering.

Kismet Spices wants to share its rich history by inspiring shoppers to explore its Eastern cultural heritage. From traditional spices and rice, to heat-and-eat pastries and savouries, there is an endless variety of fresh ingredients with a diverse array of flavours on offer to enhance any Halaal culinary experience. You will also find a range of pots, pans, mortars and pestles, as well as recipe books, incense sticks, hair oils, shampoos and wellness products in-store.

Kismet Spices is owned by the Varachia family, whose story started 16 years ago, with the first branch opening in Azaadville, Mogale City in 2005. “My late son was instrumental in helping the business get started. After he passed away, we decided to move forward and have grown the brand successfully,” says Kismet Spices owner, Hassim Varachia. “My grandson, Muawiya Varachia, now helps to run the business and has played an integral part in the vision of this new branch in Polofields Crossing.”

Quality control is of the utmost importance, and all products are sourced from reputable distributors to ensure the highest level of hygiene and authenticity. “We are a household brand that aims to flavour the lives of our customers, and we are excited to bring our offering to those who live in and visit the Waterfall area,” adds Hassim.

Kismet Spices will soon make deliveries in the Waterfall area for your convenience. They are also looking to create their own unique line of products in the near future.

You can discover Kismet Spices on their website,, and Instagram page, @kismetspices_polofields. There is also a WhatsApp group, which offers information on availability, wellness products and benefits, herb profiles and medicinal benefits, and more. Get in touch with Muawiya Varachia on 064 651 1460 or 011 413 8390.

Some favourites to try:

  • A variety of dry and wet masalas
  • A range of Gorima’s spices
  • Amina’s Wonder Spice and Suhana
  • Spice Blends
  • Calisto’s and Shan products
  • Homemade savouries
  • Khans Butchery products
  • Doughstory Parathas and Chapattis
  • Betty Crocker assorted cake mixes
  • A variety of ice creams, cheesecakes and flavoured doughs
  • Imported sweets, chocolates, drinks and Samyang hot noodles
  • Different flavours of biscuits
  • Honey and chocolate spreads as well as fondants
  • Baking ingredients and baking essentials